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Kickoff Event in NC with Scott Rowe

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Come and join us for the Kickoff event for 2016 with featured speaker Scott Rowe.

Scott belongs to our community of investors in Chicago IL. He is a successful real estate investor with years of experience and knowledge under his belt. For the last 3 years in a row, he’s been the #1 income earner in our community, and makes over a $1,000 a day (…yeah it’s not a typo it’s per DAY), helping people like you attain their goals as investors, business owners and financial freedom.
Our kickoff event will take place on Saturday 16th at 10 am. Scott will be in Durham sharing with our local community and guests the steps to build wealth with real estate just like he did.

This event is by invitation only, and in order to be allowed to the event you must be registered.
The first 10 individuals to register or reply back will get a complimentary free pass to the event.
CLICK HERE to register.

Let’s make 2016 Your year of success!

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Cash Flow in Jersey City

Every other Tuesday we get together to network, have fun and play Cash Flow in Jersey City.
This is a fun entertaining evening playing the Cashflow game. The game teaches people how to think like a real estate investor, bringing out your investment style and showing you why you are successful or not. It is Monopoly on Steroids.

Learn how to get out of the Rat Race and onto the fast track where your money works for you instead of you working hard for your money. Use this game to practice real world investing with play money. Cashflow 101 is an educational board game that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time. It makes learning fun and entertaining. Cashflow 101 is recommended for adults and children age 10 and older.

If you want to enjoy a fun evening while learning this is the place to be!!

RSVP here to play cash flow in Jersey City.