About Us

Oxea Ventures is a local and nationwide network of Real Estate Investors committed to help our community to build wealth and passive income with support and tools to achieve it.

Our main objective is not only to assist you in building financial freedom but also,  help those who are experiencing financial issues like pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, short sale, behind on payments, divorce, or relocation, or simmilar situations.

Understanding that the key to success is to be surrounded with like-minded individuals, we mentor and support those who join our Real Estate Investing community.

Since there are so many strategies under the Real Estate umbrella, in our team we have people from different walks of life that took action for a better future for themselves and their families.

On a weekly basis we educate individuals by playing CashFlow, where you can learn about assets, liabilities, money management and investing while having fun.

In addition to the commitment to our local community, we own and manage a portfolio rental properties in New Jersey with future plans of expanding to other states.

If you have properties and you are interested in our managing services or have some questions, please contact us and we will respond within a business day.

Financial freedom is not a myth and we know that because that’s the reality we live in.

Come and Learn how to pay the wealth’s game.